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Lignum-Vitae is a unique product that is used to make Authentic Hydro Bearings, Ship Bearings, Saw Blocks and all sorts of unique products.

  • Largest Inventory in the world of bearing grade Lignum Vitae in log and block form
  • Long length available for single piece application
  • Large Diameters available
  • CITIES CERTIFIED Material to ship anywhere in the world
  • Genuine Authentic Lignum Vitae wood bearings.

Ship Bearing Products

Ship Bearings

Lignum-Vitae has been used as a military grade bearing for years in Mine Sweepers and large Navy ships such as: Destroyers, Freighters and even Submarines have used this product with years of successful performance. We have the largest inventory of authentic Lignum-Vitae raw product ready to ship. Genuine Lignum-Vitae in lengths and grades that are required to meet the original Navy specifications are available. The density, longevity and natural lubricating characteristics of this product are unmatched by imitations or composites.

  • Ship BearingsOperation, running and maintenance costs are low.
  • Natural Lubricating
  • No waste or pollution produced.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Reliable –Genuine Lignum –Vitae has superior performance Characteristics
  • Unscheduled breakdowns are relatively infrequent and short in duration,
    since the equipment is relatively simple.
  • Proven years and years of performance.
  • Many lengths and sizes available – Large supply specifically used for this purpose.

Ship Bearings parts