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Lignum Vitae Products

Lignum-Vitae is a unique wood that is used to make Hydro Bearings, Ship Bearings, Saw Blocks and all sorts of unique products.

  • Largest Inventory in the world of bearing grade Lignum Vitae in log and block form
  • Long length available for single piece application
  • Large Diameters available
  • CITIES CERTIFIED Material to ship anywhere in the world
  • Genuine Authentic Lignum Vitae wood bearings.


Lignum Vitae Comb

Woodworkers' Corner

Lignum Vitae Bearing

10 standard block sizes

Size  Price
1. Small Blocks ready to ship $100 min price

Lignum Vitae CombAs a wood worker you have heard of the strength and durability of Lignum Vitae for making mallets and other useful tools. We have a large selection of product in stock and ready to ship. The possibilities are endless

Products Typically Produced

• Fine Carving
• Wooden Mallets
• Toy Tops
• Leatherworks Mallets
• Timber Framing
• Stone Cutting
• Guitar Picks
• Hierloom Boxes
• Hairpins
• Chopsticks
• Goblets
• Plane Soles
• Martial Arts Training Weapons
• Sheaves
• Pulleys
• Blocks and Tachles
• Sides